As a parent, one of the things you will have to do a couple of times in a year is buying shoes for your child. Children grow fast and every three or four months, they need a new pair of shoes. Most people find it difficult to choose shoes for their children. However, this does not have to be the case. If you know what to look for, you can find great shoes at a great price.

There are many trendy and cute shoes you can buy for your child. However, this does not mean you should buy them. Unless you are looking for shoes for a special occasion, it's best to look for affordable pairs as children tend to grow fast. In no time, the shoes you may have bought at an expensive price may no longer fit their feet.

Choose Fitting Shoes

Before going to buy girls dress sandals, know the length of your child's feet. Do not make the mistake of visually checking the length of the feet and deciding you know their right size. What seemingly fits today may end up being too small tomorrow after a day of playing.

Measure your child's feet while he or she is standing. Take the measurements of both feet since one foot is usually longer than the other. The shoes you go for should fit both feet. Most stores have foot measurement tools. You can also learn more about kids shoes by checking out the post at

If you are going shopping with your child, he or she can try the shoes you want to buy. Confirm that there is a bit of room between the edge or your child's toe and the shoe edge when the feet are fully extended. A good space should be about half an inch.

Since children grow fast, you may be tempted to buy shoes that are too big. However, this is a mistake you want to avoid. Do not buy shoes that are more than one size too large for your kids. If the shoes are too large, children can develop foot problems. Moreover, walking will be problematic as the kids will be likely to trip 

On the same note, if the heel is too tight, children will feel uncomfortable. The shoes should rest snugly and not tightly around your kid's heel. Choose comfortable shoes that will allow your child to grow and give them an easy time walking.


Follow the guide above when looking to buy boys sandals australia for your child.